Set your Strategy

How we help

We make sure you and your team have clear strategy and policies that everyone's bought in on. For previous client we've:

  • Worked with a management team to set an actionable strategy with measurable targets
  • Developed a business plan for an online business
  • Created working procedures for a remote team that only meets once a year
  • Written a charity's constitution from the ground up
  • Produced policies for child protection, data protection, and cyber attacks

What it involves

We work with your leadership to clearly define your core mission, vision and strategy, and produce a guidance document to inform your branding and future decision making.

An in-person meeting and broad involvement is crucial in getting buy-in on any new strategy. Ensuring that the whole leadership team shares a single vision of what your business stands for and where it should be going is more important than putting it in writing.


The business’s core team share a unified vision for the company’s future, and have identified achievable goals for growth and membership retention, and have outlined strategies and tasks to help achieve them.

You have an agreed mission, vision, and strategy in writing that you and future leaders can refer to for guidance in decision making.

Your inputs

1 day, existing vision and strategy documents such a constitution or long-term plan

The fruits of a brainstorming meeting

Case Study: A Clear Vision

We worked with UKSEDS to redefine their mission and core strategy following a major internal restructuring and change of leadership.

Starting with the charity’s existing strengths and its objectives as laid out in its constitution, we worked with the leadership team for a full day to strip their mission back to its core and then build a coherent strategy up from that.

The end result was a single guidance document in plain English outlining the organisation’s mission, vision, and ongoing strategy.

UKSEDS' new strategy document