Optimise your Processes

How we help

Exactly what we can do for you will depend on your particular set up. For previous clients we've created automated systems that:

  • Transfer data from spreadsheets to beautifully formatted word documents
  • Notify systems admins of suspicious activity on their server
  • Let a marketing team know who's on duty each week, and if they haven't posted on social media for a while
  • Update a membership manager with weekly stats on new subscriptions
  • Extract information from webpages to speed up adding new posts to jobs board
  • Send automated renewal emails to members whose subscriptions are about to expire
  • Produce reports on the time spent working on Google Documents
  • Turn Slack messages into scheduled social media posts, all within Slack
  • Power a live dashboard on event registrations and survey results

What it involves

We spend half-day or so with you to understand your daily workflows and major timesinks. We then provide advice on how to optimise them, suggesting digital tools and integrations as appropriate.

Some of these recommendations you may be able to implement immediately with minimal support.

Others may require additional support from us, or for us to develop a tailored solution for your needs, if appropriate. Either of these would constitute a separate work item.

Some recommendations may require further development or only be worthwhile once you've achieved other objectives such as growth targets or revenue levels.


Simple solutions have been implemented, and your team now has more time to focus on what's important.

You have a clear picture of what next steps you can take for further efficiency improvements. You know the best digital tools to use, and the level of investment required to get the best value from them.

Your inputs

1 day of workflow assessment, an outline of any existing tedious regular admin tasks and pain points

An automated event dashboard
Turning Slack messages into scheduled social media posts

Case Study: Faster Processing

We helped an engineering team at Rolls Royce reduce the time they spent transferring data between documents by 90%.

The team was responsible for assessing risks in manufacturing processes. They received a Word Document containing a table from another team, and had to copy it row by row into an Excel Spreadsheet to ensure all the formatting was correct for their assessment process.

We analysed their documents and produced code that automated the transcription task, turning a 20 minute job into a 2 minute one. We provided a guide on how to follow the new process, and how to updating the settings to take account of future process changes.

An automated spreadsheet for Rolls Royce