Refresh Your Brand

How we help

We make sure your branding looks up-to-date, consistent, and professional on all media. No pixelated images, no fuzzy text, no weird fonts.

We can refresh your existing materials and produce new ones. For previous clients we've made:

  • Logos and style guides
  • Websites and social media graphics
  • Flyers, posters, and banners
  • Annual reports and conference programmes
  • Business cards and branded stationery

What it involves

With a brand refresh, we keep as much of your existing branding as possible, and focus on updating your graphics so that they look crisp and clean in print and on modern high resolution screens.

We’ll work with you to nail down a strapline and two line summary for consistency across everything you send out. Once everything's settled we'll produce a style guide so that you can use your new kit for years to come.

If you want a more significant redesign, then we're probably not your best best, but we'd be happy to direct you to a suitable design agency and guide you through the process to help you get exactly what you want.


Your branding looks modern and sends a message that your business is relevant and up-to-date, helping to recruit new clients and making you look more professional.

Your messaging on all platforms is clear and consistent. When people visit your website or pick up a leaflet, they know immediately what you do and what you offer.

You have a kit of high quality PR materials and a guide on how to use them most effectively.

Your inputs

Any existing PR materials, half a day discussing your current messaging and working with us to hone a strapline

Original design: amateur design done in MS Word with low resolution graphics

Refreshed design: professional design done in Adobe InDesign with tailor-made high resolution graphics

New design: a classic design created to match the client's reputation of trustworthy expertise

New design: a clean modern design created to the client's specifications

Case Study: Increased Engagement

We helped UKSEDS refresh their branding to better appeal to university students. Their existing flyers looked out-dated and lacked a clear message.

We took UKSEDS’ existing branding and created new designs with crisp graphics and clear messaging

UKSEDS saw a significant increase in membership and engagement, and received compliments on their new flyers.

Original design: a mix of fonts in all caps, distorted low resolution photos, no clear message.

Refreshed design: consistent fonts, high resolution graphics, a clear message from a glance